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14 Famous Faces in Big Movies Before They Were Known

It is fun to look back at a dated movie and recognize a name buried in the opening credits because she or he had yet to become a household name.  Often times, we had seen those people in films and by the time we later knew their names, we forgot we had ever seen them … Continue reading

The Bad Movie Continuum

Bad movies really bum me out. I attended a showing of Larry Crowne yesterday with high hopes. I love Tom Hanks, he usually stars in great movies, and the last movie he wrote and directed happens to be one of my five favorite movies EVER. Thus, my expectations were high for this movie. It sucked. … Continue reading

When Actors Go Crazy – A Case Study of Celebrity Meltdowns

It’s hard to watch actors we once enjoyed fall so far.  But hard as it is, why do we seem to enjoy it?  Below are ten accounts of screen actors who have done terrible things.  Horrible things.  Things we can barely stomach.  But like all unsightly car wrecks, we can’t take our eyes off them. … Continue reading

A Mathematical Answer to the Question: What is PIXAR’s Best Movie?

It’s Pixar season as the imaginative animation studio has just released their twelfth feature film.  The studio has created some of the most memorable characters, scenes, sights, plots and traditions in recent film history.  We could argue for days on which of their movies are the best, but who is supreme enough to say for … Continue reading

12 of the Best Movie Trailers Around

Why are you so upset when you walk into a movie just as the opening credits are beginning?  Is it because you missed the dancing popcorn commercials?  Unlikely.  Or maybe it’s because you think the movie pulled a Psycho and you have missed a significant twist already?  Eh, uncommon.  Could it be because your  unadjusted … Continue reading