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14 Famous Faces in Big Movies Before They Were Known

It is fun to look back at a dated movie and recognize a name buried in the opening credits because she or he had yet to become a household name.  Often times, we had seen those people in films and by the time we later knew their names, we forgot we had ever seen them … Continue reading

8 Bold Predictions

With many highly anticipated movies on the way, I thought I would share some of my guesses on what might take place.  Why not?  I can only gain your respect…or perhaps lose it.  But only time will tell. 1.  The Dark Knight Rises will not break the weekend record ($207.4 million) set by The Avengers, nor will it … Continue reading

“It’s only a movie!”

It has been a while since I have posted. Not that I haven’t been thinking of my faithful fans…or you, reader…the whole time, but I have been working hard on other writings, and watching very important videos online. But let’s get to it… I encouraged a friend to watch what I consider one of the … Continue reading

To Honor is To Remember: Two Dignified Films That Tribute 9/11

Five years ago, on the fifth anniversary of the September 11th tragedy, two films depicting the day’s events were released. First, on April 28, 2006, United 93 was released from Bourne director Paul Greengrass. Then on August 9th 2006, World Trade Center came out, directed by Oliver Stone and starring Nicolas Cage. Some controversy was … Continue reading

The Art of the Perfect Mixtape

In High Fidelity, John Cusack’s character shares many of the lessons he has learned in life. He shares his mistakes in love and the blunders to which those mistakes led him. Throughout the film, viewers also receive the character’s musings on everything from the top five songs about death to the art of making a … Continue reading

The Hunger Games – The Next Big Thing?

With Harry Potter finished in theaters and the Twilight series dwindling to a close, a space has opened up for the next big novel-to-film adaptation to take over. The Hunger Games just may be what audiences will be looking for. The movie is in production right now, with a targeted release date of March 23, … Continue reading

The Bad Movie Continuum

Bad movies really bum me out. I attended a showing of Larry Crowne yesterday with high hopes. I love Tom Hanks, he usually stars in great movies, and the last movie he wrote and directed happens to be one of my five favorite movies EVER. Thus, my expectations were high for this movie. It sucked. … Continue reading

How Movies Are Rated (By the MPAA)

The Motion Picture Association of America is the committee that assigns a rating for a movie – deciding for which age a film is appropriate. Submitting to the MPAA is voluntary for the filmmaker, but it is extremely rare to see a mainstream film released in theaters with no rating. If the filmmakers are unhappy … Continue reading

The Disney Vault… I Want To Break In and Save the Animals

On a recent visit to the Twin Cities’ own Mall of America, I took a walk through the Disney Store and noticed all the new Lion King stuffed animals that were displayed proudly with a 2 for $40 sign. The presence of these early 90s characters in the store would have been more of a … Continue reading

What Movie REALLY is the All Time Box Office Leader?

The recent release of the final Harry Potter film has already seen several records broken. Many people are expecting more big results from The Deathly Hallows Part 2. Some are even predicting the film to top Avatar on the all time box office chart – though, I am not as easy to convince of this. … Continue reading