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8 Bold Predictions

With many highly anticipated movies on the way, I thought I would share some of my guesses on what might take place.  Why not?  I can only gain your respect…or perhaps lose it.  But only time will tell.

1.  The Dark Knight Rises will not break the weekend record ($207.4 million) set by The Avengers, nor will it outperform its predecessor, The Dark Knight ($533.3 million), at the overall domestic box office.

You might have taken plenty of steroids, Bane, but the Joker will have reeked more box office havoc with his crazy pills.

2. The Amazing Spiderman will outperform its predecessor, Spiderman 3.  Skip that, I am going full-blown bold and saying it will outperform all three of the original films, which would put its total domestic box office intake over Spiderman‘s $403.7 million.

Mathematically speaking, Andrew Garfield in 3D is greater than Tobey Maguire in any D, no matter how much time and space comes between the two.

3.  Following the success of his new movie, Spiderman will make an appearance in the follow-up to The Avengers.

4.  In five years, people will think Magic Mike was a documentary about various players from the 1992 Olympic Basketball Dream Team.

“We should rent that documentary about Magic and Jordan.”
“Oh yeah, I never saw that…”
“Wait, what the hell is this!?”

5.  The Bourne Legacy will be a critical hit, maintaining the standards set by the rest of the films in the franchise.  The lowest score was 81% from Supremacy; Legacy will score no lower than this.

Ladies and gentlemen, Jeremy Renner. What more do you need?

6.  I am going to make an easy call that Avatar 2 will not surpass Avatar for the all time box office.  I will make a bold call by saying it won’t break the top five all time box office.  Let me further define this call by saying that the current top five films on the all time box office list will not be the same five films when Avatar 2 is finally released.

7.  The Hobbit will open in December and I still won’t care.

Even this picture put me to sleep. Hey, I did say BOLD predictions.

8. 2013’s Monsters University will be Pixar’s biggest hit since Toy Story 3, outperforming both Cars 2 and Brave, but not Toy Story 3.

Be ready to get schooled.



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